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New Patients at Snowmass Chiropractic Center, LLC

Welcome to our practice! We’re so happy you chose Snowmass Chiropractic Center, LLC for your health care needs. You’ll receive quality care, in a comfortable environment, that addresses your problems with skill and compassion.

Please use our online booking system and complete the new patient paperwork prior to your visit. We suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring any prior reports or imagings you might have received when you come in. This visit will be about 60 minutes.

Your First Visit

When you come to the office, Dr. Bolger does a complete consultation on the reason for today’s visit, and takes a detailed medical history. Next is a thorough physical examination with vitals, chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological exams. Any imaging is also reviewed at this time.

After evaluating all your information, Dr. Bolger will share his diagnosis with you and advise if he can help you. He’ll give you a few options for care, and the decision is yours on whether to proceed. If you agree, care will begin today.

If Dr. Bolger feels chiropractic is not the answer for your condition, he’ll find someone who will be able to help.

When You Return

On your next visit, Dr. Bolger answers any questions or concerns you may have after the initial treatment. He’ll review your care plan again with you and get started.

Financial Responsibility

Our staff will verify your insurance coverage before you come into the office. For the first visit, payment is requested at the time of service.

Claims are submitted after verification and copays have been determined. Insurance assignments are also accepted, along with all major credit cards. Payment plans are available; please speak with a team member for more information.

Getting Results

Contact us to make an appointment and get the results you want and deserve. Call us today!


New Patients at Snowmass Chiropractic Center, LLC | (970) 710-0110